Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

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What to Expect from a Healing Session with Kim

Kim works with the LUXOR Light Healing energies and her signature energy of the Rose Ray, healing on a multidimensional level.

These healing sessions can last up to 2 hours and include a comprehensive report outlining what is going on in the person's energy field. They are very powerful working soul to soul which enables very pure energy transferences. 

Rose Ray Remote Healing

In these remote healing sessions Kim offers the individual a unique opportunity to experience a divine connection with the spirit of the Rose, connecting with the light and sound codes held by these ancient sacred flowers. Roses have the most highly evolved level of consciousness of flowers on the planet so when we connect with their essence we are then able to access a divine healing experience.

Through connecting with the spirit of the Rose it allows one to access the portal of the Heart, opening to  higher levels of consciousness to facilitate healing, clarity and bringing one into the heart of oneness with self through Divine Love.

If you would like to request a Rose Ray Remote Healing you can contact Kim via email 

Investment: $110


Allow the delightful petals of the exquisite rose to envelope you in the scented fragrance of unconditional love. In this space may you come to know true essence of Self.

Kim Wrightson ~ Flower Alchemist~