Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

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In 1999 I resigned from my Managerial position in the corporate world recognising my life held more than this. I enjoyed my professional life having  the good fortune to meet wonderful people, learning many things, however my soul was yearning for something more. I took that leap of faith and so the next part of my journey began!

I'd been dabbling in various healing modalities since 1994 completing studies in Aromatherapy and Reiki, along with numerous, self development and spiritual courses. I was looking for that something to change the course of my life when I saw an add in the Nova magazine for a Colour Therapy Diploma Course. There it was that moment when I knew I had found it! I have always been interested in colour and was keen to learn more. That’s how I met Christina Ritchie when I enrolled in her two year Colour Therapy Diploma course!

I completed the course at the end of 2003 submitting my thesis on Colour Therapy and Flowers. Little did I know that I was about to encounter one of the most challenging parts of my journey when I became really ill and was diagnosed in February 2004 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I was bedridden for the first couple of years and my immune system had shut down so my physical body was struggling to cope with infections. My physical body needed to heal so sleep is what I did!

At the end of 2005 Christina suggested I do the LUXOR Light Ascension Course to assist in my healing process.  I managed to complete it and yes things did shift! I have learnt a lot along the way about raising ones level of consciousness and the Luxor Light healing system has certainly enabled me to reach the space now where I can share this wonderful, liberating, loving, healing and protective energy with others.


I was blessed to participate in the first ever Dahabieh trip to Egypt in 2008 where I completed the Ascension Program with Christina. I returned to Egypt in October of 2010 to participate in another Luxor Light Ascension Program, this time to welcome and anchor the energies of 10 10 10. It was this trip where things were taken to another level for me personally and I took the necessary steps to embark on the next part of my journey.


In 2009 I was initiated into the LUXOR Light Teacher Program completing all requirements to teach to Level 3 of the Ascension Program. I have awakened to the gift of the Language of Light and also have the gift of activating groups because I have become what we call a "Power Station which comes to those who are able to hold the Highest Levels of LUXOR Light.  I am an Accredited LUXOR Light Practitioner specialising in Remote Energy Sessions and a Language of Light Sound Therapist which is a more advanced Level of LUXOR Light Therapy.


I am also a qualified Flower Essence Alchemist and Colour Therapist, combining my passion and love of nature, the flowers, trees, animals ensuing Mother Earth is nurtured, protected and loved.


I dedicate myself to guiding those to discover and connect with their true light and essence realising their true nature and potential.

May all living things be embraced by Divine Love and all in John Lennon’s words “Live as One”


I leave you with these two simple yet empowering statements:





Together lets be the change the world needs and start turning on those lights that live in all of us and raise our consciousness for the betterment of humanity and all who we share the planet with!


I can be contacted by email for all enquiries regarding Energy Sessions and Meditation Classes.